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Biggest Body Fat Loser Contest

DECEMBER 02, 2015
By Karolyn S., Patient

Dr. Medina,

After going to the first meeting that you held for all of the participants in this contest, I have changed my whole way of eating.  I now eat WHOLE grains, and keep away from anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup.  I have learned to spice up my brown rice with salsa and add things like mushrooms and spinach, etc.  Doing 50 minutes of cardio also has been a big boost in my energy level.  I have to admit that I don't make it to the gym 5 days a week, but I do make it 3(sometimes 4) days. 

I keep a bag full of almonds in my desk at work, and only take out what I know I should have.
I use to have periods where my hands would start to shake, and I no longer have that happening. I don't feel anxious, and am much more calm when it comes to handling bad days that come about.
I never understood what it meant when people said that losing weight and getting healthy meant having to completely change your way of life.  I thought, "Well I could never do that" , but I have.  I don't feel like I am on a diet at all.  I love the foods that I eat, and yes, I do every now and then eat my favorite food, Cheese enchiladas.  There are some things you just can't do without.
So Yes, this contest has changed my life, and I can't thank you enough.
My whole life has been spent on up and down dieting, and at 44 years old, I finally got one right.
Thank you so much,
Karolyn S.

P.S.  No White flour, No HFCS, No Sat. Fat, No White Sugar and loving it!!!!!