~Primary Care

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~Primary Care

Primary care physicians serve as your personal doctor who cares for all of your basic health care needs including preventive care.

This listing includes Family Medicine and Internal Medicine doctors that are accepting new patients.

Pediatricians serve as primary care physicians for children only.

Your primary care physician also coordinates care with specialists when you need specialty care. Many Beaver Medical Group patients develop strong, long-lasting relationships with their primary care physicians

Locations With This Specialty

Physicians & Medical Professionals With This Specialty
Omar Bashir, DO
Marian Beshara, MD
Irada Dalili, MD
Regan Douty, DO
Lailae Furutan, MD
Mamdooh Gayid, MD
Ireny Ibrahim, MD
Mehdi Jahromi, MD
Junku John Kang, MD
Sherif Khalil, MD
Philip Lee, MD
Michael Leong, MD
Moses Park, MD
Zakia Raana, MD
Darlene Rae, MD
Ravneet Singh, MD
Michael  Wilson, MD
Balram Khehra, MD
Priya  Malik, MD
Pei-Yuen  Tang, DO
Tonya Yoney, DO
Nancy Lin, MD
Xu He, DO
John Lee, MD
Nathan King, DO
Hung Nguyen, DO
Hong Vo, MD
Arnold Magbanua, MD
Hanan Abu Alnaaj, MD
Chandima Ratnayake, MD
Daniel Flaming, MD
Rajeev Walia, MD
Kelvin Ma, DO
Amy Blackmon, MD
Joumana Toumeh, MD
Siamak Kazemi, DO
Janet Chang, MD
Rachael Tennant, MD
Thaung Aung, MD
Lauren Van Putten, MD
Saida Hardoon, MD
Angela Chung, MD
Sarah Gomez, MD
Arnon Desai, MD
Justin Tuot, MD
Vinh Le, MD
Lara Jaber, MD
Joshua  Choi, MD
Shaina Patel, MD
Jessy Tsang, DO
Angela Rabelhofer, MD
Amandip Birdi, DO
Ryan Ortizo, MD
Gulraiz Matlub, MD