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The Beaver Medical Group's hospitalist program ensures that you will always have a Beaver doctor available for you if you find yourself at the hospital.

Specifically, the BMG Hospitalist program provides our patients at Redlands Community Hospital and San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital with the personal attention of Beaver doctors on site 24/7 365 days a year to help take care of you.  When you go to either hospital, there will be a Beaver doctor on site with access to your medical records who can decide whether admission is necessary and to provide in patient care if it is.  We have 30 physicians -- what we call "hospitalists" -- in total who are part of this program.  Beaver is the only medical group locally to have a program like it.

What is a hospitalist?

Hospitalists are specialty healthcare providers who manage your care while you are in the hospital. This includes diagnosing, ordering tests, prescribing medications, and coordinating your discharge.  Beaver hospitalists are supported by a group of qualified nurses and coordinators who work with the hospitalists to make sure that patient stays are smooth and all healthcare needs are addressed. 

Beaver's hospitalist program is designed to ensure continuity of care when you find yourself in the hospital.  The hospitalists make sure to communicate with the primary care physicians and specialists at the time of admission, during the hospital stay, and at the time of discharge. Our goal is to ensure that all key physicians and BMG medical staff involved in your care are fully aware and involved in their patients' care and up to date about any changes in condition or change in treatment regimen. We also arrange for follow-up appointments to ensure a smooth transition to outpatient care.

When a patient is discharged, we also provide a summary to fully document what happened during the hospital stay and anything that still needs to be done or followed up on.

Why hospitalists are important

Beaver's hospitalist program helps increase the chances you won't have to come back anytime soon.  Because of it, Beaver patients have a very low readmission rate following discharge. We believe it is a function of our hospitalist program.  Our hospitalist program ensures that all our patients are not released from the hospital until they are safe for discharge, whether to the comfort of their home or to a Rehabilitation center to continue their care.

Patients can always readily reach our hospitalist team for any questions or concerns during their hospital stay or after discharge from the hospital.

Locations With This Specialty
Redlands Community Hospital
San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital

Physicians & Medical Professionals With This Specialty
Sameh Naseib, MD
Barbara Nelson, MD
Betty  Stepien, MD
Raffi Sahagian, MD
Craig Seheult, MD
Mohsin Syed, MD
Jisang Kim, MD
Bahij  Ghazal , MD
Linh Khuu, MD
Oscar  Ramirez, MD
Jose Makalinao, MD
Robert  Vazquez, MD
Sameh Mikhail, MD
Tigran Stepanyan, DO
Steve March, MD
EiEi Thu, MD
Leah Tourtellotte, MD
Steve Girgis, MD
Katherine Huang, MD
Bassem  Lashin, MD
Ghazal Bahri, MD, MBA
James Moon, MD
Allen Duran, NP
Kunal Patel, MD
Rachel Subramanian, MD
Todd Kessler, MD
Rishi  Majithia, MD
Steven  Noriega, MD
Hina Guezmir, MD