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Online Seminars

Watch a free, live online health seminar hosted by the professional Health Educators from Beaver Medical Group/
EPIC Management. Most seminars are only 20 minutes, and by watching the live online seminars listed below you
have a chance to ask questions. These seminars are recorded and posted to our EPIC Health YouTube channel.
View past online seminars at your convenience on our YouTube channel.  You Tube Logo

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Eating healthy can be difficult but eating healthy and on a budget can seem downright daunting! This class will teach you how to choose and create healthy budget friendly meals.

Instructor Vanessa Schmidt Alardo, MPH
Date MARCH 19, 2018
Time 12 PM


Autoimmune Connection

Is there a link between the food you are eating and how you are feeling? This webinar will help you learn what foods may contribute to symptoms such as joint pain, arthritis, migraines, bloating, other intestinal problems and many more.

Instructor Drew Correia
Date MARCH 26, 2018
Time 4 PM

CALM Asthma

CALM: Confront Asthma and Learn More

Learn how to deal with your asthma head to feel more in control and CALM.

Instructor Patty Mackenzie
Date MARCH 27, 2018
Time 3 PM

Blue Zones

Blue Zone your Life!

Do you want to add 10 good years to your life? Learn 9 healthy habits for living longer from the people who have lived the longest. Learn how to set up your lifestyle to promote a healthier, happier life.

Instructor RoWandalla Goudeau
Date MARCH 29, 2018
Time 12 PM

Sugar Detox

Sugar Detox the Right Way

If you have ever tried quitting sugar cold turkey, you know it’s not easy! It seems like sugar is in everything these days! In this 20-minute webinar, learn how to kick sugar to the curb without going crazy!

Instructor Sen Luu
Date APRIL 06, 2018
Time 2:30 PM


Oops I Lost it Again! 7 Tips to Reclaim Your Memory at Any Age

Are you constantly losing your keys, misplacing your wallet or forgetting someone’s name? You’re not alone! Learn simple tips and fun games you can play to maintain and improve your memory!

Instructor RoWandalla Goudeau
Date APRIL 10, 2018
Time 12 PM

Cancer odds

Beat the Odds: Ways to Help Prevent Cancer

Managing your health is the first step to preventing cancer. This class will teach you nutrition tips to help you beat the odds.

Instructor Janet Knight
Date APRIL 12, 2018
Time 12 PM


Transforming Stress

Identify the sources of stress in your personal and professional life. Learn how to better
manage challenging or stressful events in a calmer, healthier way.

Instructor Vanessa Schmidt Alardo, MPH
Date APRIL 16, 2018
Time 12 PM

Bust Stress

Bust Stress Through the Senses

You won’t want to miss this class where you will learn how to use each of your five senses to help you calm down or snap out of an immobile state! Practical hands on tools and resources will be provided to help you start relaxing today!

Instructor Vanessa Schmidt Alardo, MPH
Date APRIL 17, 2018
Time 12 PM

Diabetic Foot

Don’t Tip Toe Around It

Diabetes can be damaging to your feet- even a small cut can produce serious consequences.
During this webinar you will learn how to prevent serious foot problems by following some simple steps.

Instructor Elizabeth Rodriguez
Date APRIL 23, 2018
Time 12 PM