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May is Physical Activity Month

May 02, 2011

May has been designated as Physical Activity month and for good reason-solid research is now available that shows exercise is one of the most powerful "medicines" that we can use in our war on lifestyle-related diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. And yet, 51% of Americans are not meeting the federal recommendations of 150 minutes of physical activity per week, and out of this group, 24% are not doing a single minute! If we were able to get half of this 51% meeting the federal guidelines on physical activity, it would decrease our health care costs significantly.

Being sedentary and inactive has now been shown to be a more dangerous risk factor than either smoking or being overweight, believe it or not! In other words, a normal-weight person who is inactive is at higher risk of disease and death than an overweight person who exercises regularly. A non-smoker who is a "couch potato" is at higher risk than a smoker who is a regular exerciser.

Bottomline: Being a sedentary couch potato is dangerous to your health! While there are multiple reasons why people have a hard time losing weight or controlling their diabetes (some in their control, others not), being physically active is a choice that everyone can make, even those with disabilities! So why not use this month to start moving more?

If you need help with that, contact Dr. Medina in Health Education and he can help you get set up on an exercise program. He has several challenges and programs going that can help, so call to make an appointment today! Dr. Medina can help you Move More in May! For more information, check out his blog, .