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2 Quick & Cheap Things You Can Do to Prepare for an Emergency in Under 10 Minutes

December 01, 2015

2 quick & cheap things you can do to help your family survive an earthquake

Download a printable flyer here.


3 Minutes:
1) Keep Water to Survive!

  • Store at least 3 gallons of water per person & pet at home.    
       - Consider storing 14 gallons of water per person & pet for a recommended 2 week supply at home.
  •  Keep bottles of water in your car.

Water is THE essential item you need to live! Help may arrive too late in a major disaster as your body can only survive 3 days without water.

  5 Minutes:
2) Make a Go-Bag
  Attach your bag to your bed (ie- use bungee cord)

  • Shoes - sturdy & comfortable
  • Socks
  • Flashlight
  • Whistle
  • Vital Medication(s) *(see note below)
  • Spare Eyeglasses
  • Water Bottle
  • Protein Bar
  • Emergency Contact List

Your Go-Bag can help you get out safely and if you are trapped!

Tell your kids if the ground shakes while in bed:
  - Stay in Bed!
  - Cover Your Head! (with a pillow)
  - Grab Your Bag!

Other items to consider adding to your go-bag:
Small first aid kit with aspirin to take incase of heart attack or stroke and an anti-inflammatory for pain, portable radio with extra batteries, cash in small bills, work gloves, mylar reflective blanket, extra water, extra protein bar, dust mask, family photo & a comfort toy for kids.
See the reverse side and visit or for more information on emergency preparedness.

* If you have prescription medications, keep a month’s supply in your bag and rotate it out when it’s time to open a new bottle.
You will also always have a back-up supply.