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Last Updated:
January 25, 2019
Employment Type:
Redlands Oasis Medical Plaza

Schedule:  Nine half days and 1 half day of admin time. Clinic is Mon- Fri (8-12 a.m.; 1-5 p.m.).  The patient schedule is “open access”, i.e. each day your schedule will have protected openings to accommodate same-day sick patient visits.  The typical number of pts./day = low-high 20s & for Half days number of pts = 12-14.  Medi-CAL patients are capped at 300 per physician panel.

  Electronic Medical Record:  Converting to Epic Systems end of 2019. Currently GE Centricity

  Call:  Shared equally by all BMG Pediatricians, whether Employed or Partner, Full-time or Part-time. 

About 1 in 10 weekdays & weeknights (Mon.-Thurs.) Call is taken one day at a time, 7 a.m. to 7 a.m. You have regular office hours on call days.  Redlands Community Hospital (RCH) Nursery calls you for any new babies or problems with any babies.  After out-pt. office schedule is over, the on-call physician rounds on the babies born since morning. (No need for morning rounds unless the on-call physician is also the Rounding physician for that week – see below).  5 p.m.-7 a.m. call is taken by phone, assisted by Nurse Advice Unit which screens all incoming calls when out-patient offices are closed, and 3 Beaver Urgent Care Centers (open 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. 365 days a year).  The on-call Pediatrician simply triages calls from the Nurse Advice Unit (typically 3-6 per night) or less likely Urgent Care.  RARELY do you get called by RCH ER, even more rarely do you need to see a patient there. 


About 1 in 10 weekends (Friday 7 a.m.- Monday 7 a.m.) (Some Pediatricians split the weekend call with a colleague to avoid being on call 3 days in a row. Arranging this is a personal responsibility – usually is not difficult. If you arrange such a split, you must inform the BMG answering service, Labor & Deliver, Nursery, & your BMG office manager so the schedules can be modified to reflect this.)  Saturday 9-12 a.m. there is a Pediatric Weekend Clinic at the Redlands Terracina office (across from

RCH).  The physician on call Saturday sees out-pts. there by appointment.  (You have the option of trading with a colleague to cover the Saturday clinic so you can just cover the hospital – RCH.  Again, it is your personal responsibility to arrange such trades and communicate to everyone involved about the trade, including when you will do it in exchange.)  All weekend phone calls from patients go to our Nurse Advice Unit first.  You are only called for complex or unusual calls that Nurse Advice Unit can’t handle without back-up.    



Rounding at RCH Nursery/NICU: About 1 in 10 weeks (Monday-Friday)  you round on all BMG babies at RCH.  Most

Pediatricians take part or all the morning off from their out-patient office schedule those days.  So, every 10 weeks or so each Mon.-Fri. morning is spent rounding at RCH on all BMG babies without other call responsibility.  This means the on-call physician comes in the afternoon (after out-pt. office schedule is over) to see only babies born since 7 a.m. (or with new problems during the day), but doesn’t have to see ALL of the babies.    All babies. needing IVs, IV antibiotics, or monitors are admitted to NICU – can be followed with or without RCH Neonatologists’ team, depending upon your privileges and preferences.  The RCH Neonatologists are always available to answer questions, do consults, or take over management of any patients if you are not comfortable.  There is a standing hospital protocol for them to automatically manage small preemies and babies with known problems.  About 1/3 of parents choose their Pediatrician pre-delivery; 2/3 accept the Pediatrician on call at delivery.

Hospital Admissions:  Since RCH does not have a dedicated Pediatric unit, has only 4 beds designated for Pediatric pts. over age 4, and is only about four miles away from Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, essentially all Pediatric admissions go to LLU.  BMG Pediatricians do not round at LLU.  RCH has a busy obstetrical service and NICU, supported by a Neonatologist team of physicians.  C-Sections are attended by the NICU team, NOT Pediatricians.     


CA Medical License

DEA License

Board Certified or Board Eligible

New Grad ok