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Beaver Medical Group

The Choice of the Inland Empire Since 1945



Beaver Medical Group has been selected as the "Best Medical Group" by Sun and Daily Facts readers since 2010. In addition, Beaver Medical Group won for "Best Urgent Care Centers" in 2015.

BEST 2015

Pacificare Quality Index

Beaver Medical Group rates #1 in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

In the Pacificare's latest Quality Index rating in fall of 2007, members rated Beaver Medical Group as the best medical group in the both San Bernardino and Riverside Counties with the highest overall score of 91 out of 100.

The Quality Index measures clinical and service areas including: Cervical Cancer Screening, Breast Cancer Screening, Colorectal Cancer Screening, Childhood Immunizations, Eye Exams for Diabetes, HbA1c Testing for Diabetes, Cholesterol Screening, Drug Treatment for Asthma, Patient Safety, Efficiency of Clinical Care, Member Satisfaction, Complaints and Appeals.

Hundreds of medical groups throughout the State of California were published in the study - only those with an average of at least 1000 Pacificare members were included.

See the survey here

Institute of Medical Quality

Beaver Medical Group is accredited by the Institute of Medical Quality from July 2014 to July 2014

The Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of care provided to patients across the continuum of health care. This independent agency audits medical practices for IMA Accreditation.

IMQ performs a rigorous audit process on-site that reviews all physician and provider credentials, medical records, compliance with privacy laws such as HIPAA, administration, quality management programs, continuity of care, diagnostic training, management of medications, facility and environmental safety, and surgical procedures

National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)



NCQA Is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to assessing and reporting on the quality of managed care organizations, managed behavioral healthcare organizations, physician organizations and credentials verification organizations.

Physician/Provider Credentialing

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) has certified EPIC Management's credentialing department who oversees the credentialing of all Beaver Medical Group physicians and providers. The NCQA is an independent, non-profit organization that certifies physician organizations, and accredits managed care organizations and preferred provider organizations. A National Oversight Committee of Physicians then analyze the survey team's findings and assigned our Certification status based on our performance compared to NCQA regulatory standards. The Physician Organization Certification (POC) in Credentialing means that EPIC Management's Credentialing process has exceeded NCQA's rigorous requirements for consumer protection and quality improvement.

P4P – Pay for Performance

California Pay for Performance (P4P) is a statewide collaboration that creates the business case for physician organization (PO) quality. EPIC Management, LP and Beaver Medical Group successfully completed an audit review by NCQA for P4P performance.

The Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA), a nonprofit, statewide health care leadership group engages various sectors of health care delivery in dialogue and collective action to develop policy and special projects centered on integrated health care and managed care. IHA helps California's Health Plans reward POs for performance in clinical care, information technology (IT) adoption and patient experience by providing a clear set of health plan expectations, using common metrics and public reporting.

NCQA, IHA's data aggregator for the P4P Program, coordinates, collects, aggregates, analyzes and reports both health plan and PO clinical quality measures and Information Technology Development data. These data are integrated with patient experience data and reported to help health plans determine the financial reward paid to participating California POs. NCQA also is technical advisor and consultant in P4P measure development, testing and implementation.

NCQA P4P Audit ReviewTM is a trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)