My Quality of Life at Beaver Medical Group

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My Quality of Life at Beaver Medical Group

Quality of life in the Inland Empire:

Nestled at the base of the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains, halfway between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, our community is  conveniently located within an hour’s drive to the mountains, beach and desert.  The Inland Empire is very rich in history and is host to a vast number of cultural treasures. Many also consider our climate to be ideal.


What physicians have to say about Beaver Medical Group:

Robert C. M. Bourne MD
Family Medicine

"In 1989, after establishing and running a respected small Family Medicine group practice, my partners and I joined Beaver Medical Group in order to be successful in the managed care environment.  We have not had a moment’s regret, and have seen Beaver evolve from a clinic that found initial success with managed care to one that is a leader in quality and now is embracing cutting edge ideas such as the New Model of Family Medicine.  The group welcomes new ideas, and very supportive of individual initiative, so long as it is positive for the group. Our family docs enjoy the ability to practice the full scope of family medicine with the exception of obstetrics. With our large department, there are opportunities to tailor the practice to accommodate individual interests.  Being a Beaver Family Physician has been an incredibly positive professional experience for me, and definitely one I would not change."

James R Dexter, MD

"I have been a pulmonary consultant for Beaver since 1980 and joined Beaver in 1989 for four reasons:
A)  financial transparency
B)  democratic governance
C)  productivity based compensation

Financial transparency means that Beaver physicians know exactly what is happening. 
Democracy means we each have a chance to speak and help determine what will happen.
Productivity based compensation means that our labor is directly rewarded (the more we work, the more we earn).

We are also fortunate to have a CEO who is creative and effective and has helped us develop a culture of collaboration within the group and with our regional partners.  He has helped us maintain a well diversified retirement program that includes a 401k/pension/profit sharing plan, a company sponsored corporate real estate plan, and a company sponsored stock purchase plan.  This diversification has significant advantages over anuity retirement plans that were once popular with some physicians."