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Saying Goodbye to Dr. Fallows

December 16, 2008

James A. Fallows, M.D. died on November 7, 2008 at the age of 83. Dr. Fallows joined Beaver Medical Clinic in 1955 after serving in the U.S. Navy as a doctor. He practiced at Beaver for over 35 years, was a past BMG president and also was chief of staff at Redlands Community Hospital.
Dr. Fallows, who was named the Redlands Man of the Year in 2002 at age 77, was known for his full and energetic engagement in all aspects of local life. He was the president or chairman of the YMCA, the Fortnightly Club, the Friends of the A.K. Smiley Public Library, the Rim of the World Riders, the Redlands Mounted Police, the Redlands Community Scholarship Foundation and the San Bernardino County Heart Association, among other organizations. 
Apart from all of this, he enjoyed countless hobbies and activities, especially tennis, trail-riding, bridge, bicycling, and piano playing. He was an accomplished painter and sculptor. 

Below are some personal tributes:

I will miss Dr. Fallows greatly. He was a gentleman and a friend. In addition to doing house calls for his patients, he also did house calls for friends with malfunctioning computers. On multiple occasions he visited my home to bail me out from a computer problem I was having, for which I am eternally grateful. Many people considered Jim a "Renaissance Man," and I certainly agree. His children reflect his breadth of interests and broad knowledge of the world around them. ~Robert Rentschler, MD

I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Dr. James Fallows as my patient in RCH. He was always very pleasant and respectful to everybody. He always made everybody that was taking care of him, feel appreciated. He was an amazing and humble person that I enjoyed taking care of. That was such a great honor for me. He will always be remembered.
~Sameh Naseib, MD

I have known Dr. Fallows since I was in high school and subsequently, coming to work here a few years later, through many of his years of practice at Beaver Medical.  I also had the privilege of working with him through the Beaver Medical Clinic Foundation, of which he was Chairman.
Dr. Fallows cared for his patients, many of whom became friends as well, over the years with compassion and a positive manner.  I have had many former patients of his tell me the hardest thing they ever did was have to select a new physician when he retired. His dedication and involvement in our community is well-known. I remember when he and his lovely wife for over 50 years, Jean, (who passed away in 2004), would be headed back to Plymouth Village in their Gem car, smiling and waving at other patients or we employees along the way up Cajon, even offering a ride if one needed it.  And how wonderful for Dr. Fallows that he found a devoted and loving companion in the last years of his life, Helen Haim (Fallows), marrying just a week prior to his passing.
As his family shared , Dr. Fallows had extreme enthusiasm and a 'let's get it done now' approach to life. He never took on a project 'halfway.'
~ Betty Davis

Between our association at Beaver and our membership in the Rim o' the World Riders gentlemen's riding club, I had the pleasure of spending quite a bit of time in Jim's company. Fun to be with and more than a bit of a contrarian, he could always be counted on for a joke or a joust. Beaver was very dear to him always. I remember him saying just after I joined Beaver in 1989, "Don't be critical of the clinic, Dennis, there are certainly others that will." He was very loyal to "the clinic" and didn't hesitate to defend it when criticized by competitors. He was as proud of Beaver as Beaver was of him. ~ Dennis Flynn M.D.