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Mindfulness May Challenge

May 01, 2019

In today’s hustle and bustle, it’s easy to move through the day disconnected from others and ourselves. There’s always something that we need to prepare for or anticipate and our lives become a never ending to-do list. 

As a result of our fast-paced, hectic schedules anxiety, stress and unhappiness is the new norm. You may not even realize it but constantly focusing on the future and reliving the past can leave us feeling worn out and disconnected. 

So what’s the cure? Slow down and savor every moment of your life by practicing mindfulness and returning to the present. When we worry and stress about our past and future, we leave no room for joy in the present! According to Psychology Today, “Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present.” 

Each week you will be challenged to complete a mindfulness activity. At the end of the challenge you will be entered into a raffle to WIN A PRIZE!!!

To complete the MINDFULNESS MAY Wellness Challenge and be entered into the raffle for a chance to win great prizes, please complete the following: 

• Complete a Pre-assessment survey before April 30th.
• Complete at least 4 Mindfulness activities by May 31st.
• Complete a Post-assessment survey by June 7th.


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