Measles Cases on the Rise

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Measles Cases on the Rise

May 06, 2019

764 cases of measles have been reported for 2019 in the US including 8 cases in LA and Orange Counties as of May 3rd. Many more cases are reported worldwide, so it you travel internationally, measles vaccination is extremely important. It is generally recommended for the public starting at age one. Currently, the largest outbreaks are in unvaccinated communities.

Note that the vaccine before 1968 was not uniformly effective, though most people born before 1957 likely had the measles and developed immunity. Therefore, people born between 1958-1967 may require another shot if they received the measles vaccination before 1968.

If you are unsure if you or your family needs the measles vaccination, now is the time to call your primary doctor to determine if a MMR shot or a measles titer test is recommended. The titer test will determine if you have the antibodies in your blood that protect against the measles. The MMR vaccine is safe, highly effective and recommended starting at 12 months; it is available for babies starting at 6 months if they will be traveling abroad.

 One out of four measles cases in the US require hospitalization, and one out of 1,000 cases causes inflammation of the brain or death. If you suspect you have the measles, stay home and call your doctor’s office or the hospital for care instructions – please do not walk into a health care waiting area as it is extremely contagious. Learn more at