2010 Healthy Aging Seminars

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Healthy Aging Seminars

April 01, 2010 1:00 AM
Event Information

Join us for a series of seminars on Healthy Aging that run year-round. Topics include:

Healthy Eating for Two
Learn how to shop and prepare healthy yet simple meals for one or two.

Memory Matters
Explore the principles of memory and how to enhance it.  Learn tips and exercises to help improve your memory.

Bring Balance to Your Life
Learn how to improve your balance with simple exercises you can perform at home to reduce your risk for falls and breaks.  Physical therapists will also perform an individual balance and fall risk assessment.

Medication Safety
Learn how the safety and effectiveness of medications change as you get older.

Brittle Bones & You
Learn about your risk for osteoporosis, broken bones, appropriate testing, prevention and treatments. The right information can be lifesaving! And, remember, osteoporosis is also common in men.

Good Night, Sleep Tight
Do you have trouble sleeping?  Learn how aging, illness or medication can affect your sleep patterns and get tips that may help you improve your sleep.

Exercise Basics
This class is designed for people who want to start exercising, but do not know where to begin.  You will learn basic stretching exercises, strength training exercises and aerobic exercises, and you will practice them in class.

.It's never too late to make some healthy changes in our lifestyles. Think about what you can start doing today to make it a healthier tomorrow. See listing of dates and times here